Through our individual sponsorship program, we are able to provide resources to care not only for a child, but also for their whole families. Each sponsor is matched with a family whom they help provide holistic care for including education, food, medical care, and finances to go towards starting a business or buying a home.

Our Sponsorship Program


Making hope and joy come alive one child and family at a time.

We officially launched our Muzmia (“come alive” in Kinyarwanda) individual sponsorship program in January 2021 where our mission is for hope and joy to come alive one child and family at a time. This program is a living connection between AHEC and our partners, and sponsors and their child.

Kim's Sponsorship Journey

Since sponsoring Hope and Bukuru, Kim and her husband Dave have had the opportunity to go to Rwanda and meet their sponsor children face-to-face. An experience that has forever changed their lives.

You can be the one to break the cycle of generational poverty.

Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions

Your sponsored student directly benefits from your sponsorship. However, we do not directly distribute money to students or their families because there is no guarantee that the money would be spent on the students' education. Instead, your sponsorship donations are placed into a community pool. School fees are paid directly to the school for all sponsored students in our program. From this pool, your sponsored student also receives a school uniform, school supplies, medical assistance, and attends special programs. Sponsored students know their sponsors by name and annually write at least one letter to them.