We support two orphanages in Southern India that are being led by two local partners. Over the last decade, we have been deepening and fostering these partnerships by going on regular mission trips, maintaining frequent communication, and continually praying over the work being done. What started in 2006 as a small group of orphaned children that our partners rescued from the slums/street life, has turned into over one hundred children being served, fed, clothed, and educated each day.



Through our pooled sponsorship program, we provide resources to care for the physical, spiritual and social-emotional needs of the children in our two orphanages. These kids are able to pursue an education and obtain vocational training through your support!


Women are empowered to pursue their ambitions of starting their own sewing businesses at our two sewing centers. Thanks to your generosity, every woman who completes our 6+ month training is given her own sewing machine and supplies.



Apple of His Eye Charity has opened a home for the elderly. Here, men and women (often widows) are able to come and receive life nourishing meals. The community that has formed around this home is one of love, respect, and support. Individuals care for each other physically, emotionally, and spiritually through prayer.


Water for Everyone

Help us to provide clean drinking water for our friends in India!

By digging wells and installing rain water harvesting systems, we have participated in the transformation of entire communities who now have access to clean drinking water.

A new water well can cost $2500 or more depending on location. Your donation of any amount can contribute to our next dig!



Give a bike!

Bicycles are vehicles of opportunity in India. Apple of His Eye Charity provides bicycles for many purposes. As orphans get older, transportation becomes very important for getting to work or university. Bicycles are also provided for pastors to commute to remote villages where they help care for the sick and forgotten.

One way Apple of His Eye Charity provides for this need is through our annual summer bike ride: Cycle for a Cause, hosted in Canby, Oregon. Check out our Cycle for a Cause website for more details.



Help provide lavatories!

Apple of His Eye Charity was asked to help with a sanitation project for an entire village. At the time, men and women would relieve themselves alongside the road or wherever they could find privacy. The result of these unsanitary conditions was not only widespread disease but also the regular sexual assault of women and children.

Apple of His Eye Charity shared the need with our wonderful supporters and our community responded generously! 200 private lavatories were built providing privacy and security. Since then assault and disease have decreased dramatically!