Poverty has the capacity to impede the physical growth of children, obstruct their social and emotional progress, and make them vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Beyond being commonly perceived as a mere scarcity of resources, another distressing aspect is the absence of hope.

Sponsorship plays a vital role in supporting a child's future. It has the incredible power to transform a child's life on multiple levels. By offering financial support, you're providing access to education, healthcare, nutritious meals, and a safe environment. But it goes beyond that – your encouragement and support offer hope, confidence, and a sense of belonging. You're not just changing a child's circumstances; you're igniting their potential and shaping their future. Your kindness creates ripples of positivity that can change entire communities.

Sponsorship also provide holistic care by helping meet the educational, emotional, physical, basic medical and spiritual needs of each child.


Each sponsor is matched with a family whom they help provide holistic care for including education, food, medical care, and finances to go towards starting a business or buying a home.


Sponsor one of our two children's home in India, serving over 100 orphans and widows daily.