Through our individual sponsorship program, we are able to provide resources to care not only for a child, but also for their whole families. Each sponsor is matched with a family whom they help provide holistic care for including education, food, medical care, and finances to go towards starting a business or buying a home.

Our Sponsorship Program

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Making hope and joy come alive one child and family at a time.

We officially launched our Muzmia (“come alive” in Kinyarwanda) individual sponsorship program in January 2021 where our mission is for hope and joy to come alive one child and family at a time. This program is a living connection between AHEC and our partners, and sponsors and their child.

- July 2-12, 2024

Trip Date: July 2nd through July 12th

Investment: $4000

Your participation is not just a commitment to others; it's an opportunity for personal growth and a chance to be part of something truly meaningful.

Together, we will collaboratively work towards creating an incredible impact and fostering hope in the communities and villages of Rwanda.