Our story begins in 2006 when our founder, TJ Saling Caldwell, embarked on a visit to India. During her trip, she encountered a multitude of local pastors who were doing incredible work but often lacked the resources they needed.


Upon returning to her home in Gresham, Oregon, TJ Saling Caldwell was fueled by a burning mission: to discover a means of collaborating with these dedicated pastors and mobilizing the resources they required.


From this initial spark, a grand vision began to take shape and evolve. It was from this vision that Apple of His Eye Charity, a non-profit organization, was established.

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Since its inception in 2012, our organization has experienced remarkable growth and expansion. We have extended our reach and now engage in partnerships not only with pastors, children, men, women, and the elderly in India but also with multiple orphanages and pastors in Rwanda!

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