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We prioritize enduring connections not just with our international partners in the field, but also with our monthly donors and churches partners. AHEC's effectiveness can be measured by the strength of our donors and partnerships. Collaborating churches and individuals bring a diverse array of talents, skills, and knowledge that empower us to better serve our global ministry partners. Often, they can also con give goods, provide financial support, send mission teams, and sponsor children. To explore opportunities for collaboration with AHEC for yourself, your church, school, nonprofit, company, or family, complete the interest form below without delay.


By becoming a monthly supporter, you play a vital role in our ongoing efforts to transform lives in India and Rwanda. Your consistent contributions enable us to empower local communities, nourish children, mentor individuals, initiate sustainable projects, provide medical care, and advance Kingdom initiatives across the globe.


Join our Monthly Stars Program:


Donate $100/month
$1350 trip discount*


Commit to donating $100/month for at least one year (12 months)
Receive a $1350 discount on any trip, once per calendar year.

For instance, imagine Jim,signs up for a trip to India that costs $2350. Jim donates $100/month and becomes an A-Level Partner. With his $1350 trip discount, he can embark on a mission trip to India for just $1000, excluding airfare.


Donate $50/month
$750 trip discount*


Commit to donating $50/month for at least one year
Receive a $750 discount on any trip, once per calendar year.

Consider Sue that signs up for a trip to Rwanda that costs $2350. Sue commits $50/month, earning her a B-Level Partner status. With her $750 trip discount, she can participate in a mission trip to Rwanda for just $1600, excluding airfare.


**The commitment for monthly donations is a minimum of 12 months & can only be used on one trip / calendar year.

When you enroll as a monthly donor, your account is updated accordingly. Should you decide to join a mission trip, the monthly donor trip discount is automatically applied, making your journey even more accessible. Join us in making a lasting impact by becoming a monthly sponsor today.

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The Presence of God is given first place. 

“Everybody squirt!”  Suddenly 100 women whip out their spray bottles and begin to squirt their neighbor. Shrieking and laughing, we all cool down from the 105 degree heat.  OK, back to the teaching…  …

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Sewing and Reaping Eternal Rewards

When I was a young girl, I remember visiting my grandma who did most of her sewing on an old Singer pedal machine because it was what she grew up…

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God’s Children are not for sale!

God’s Children are not for sale! That line is memorable in the new movie “Sound of Freedom.” My Husband and I had heard that the film was good, but I…

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Importance of One

Can you imagine Billy Graham holding a large crusade and in the middle of it, feel like he is to leave the crusade to go talk to one person in…

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Cold Churches

I remember a time at our church when, during the winter months, everyone kept their coats on. We had a big heat pump, but it just wasn’t able to put…

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Shining Like a Star

As you know, S.T.A.R.S. is the acronym we’ve given those supporting the orphans, widows, and marginalized in India and Rwanda (Shining Together Actively Reflecting the Savior). All of us who…

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Solomon’s Fine Attire

Jesus referred to Solomon’s attire when He said, “Not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” (Matthew 6:29). Like one of what? Like the flowers…

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The Power of a Parent

Our partners in India and Rwanda are a lot like parents. They care for these kids willingly, though it is never-ending sacrificial work. In Paul’s last personal letter to Timothy,…

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Prison Breaks

The island of Alcatraz is over a mile offshore in San Francisco Bay. For years, this rock was also the site of a federal prison. Some tried to escape, but…

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