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The Presence of God is given first place. 

"Everybody squirt!"  Suddenly 100 women whip out their spray bottles and begin to squirt their neighbor. Shrieking and laughing, we all cool down from the 105 degree heat.  OK, back to the teaching...              Our first multi-day conference for women is in progress.  It's a first for most.  A bit tentative and shy at first, they are warming up to the idea of a safe place where camaraderie and fun are core values.  They will spend three full days here in a...
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THE 1st PROGRAM DAY: Muzima Sponsorship

The first children arrived with their caretaker who had to give up a day to work for this precious day: the first day her children were going to be enrolled in Umushinga as she called it (the Kinyarwanda word for program). The other children arrived one by one in the rain, the group from Rugendabari arriving last. We began with a meeting with caretakers and we covered the following subjects. Education, For the time being, the children’s education will be the primary target of the sponsorship, with some support in other ways available. AHEC Charity, We briefly discussed the partnership...
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