Listening to God


Remember how you felt when you were in a conversation with someone and you suddenly realized they really weren’t interested in talking to you? They were always looking over your shoulder for someone they’d rather speak with. If you’re like me, you quickly excused yourself and walked away. God also knows when people don’t care to talk to Him. And it’s much worse when God walks away.

After God had spent years of patiently reaching out to the rebellious nation of Israel, it became clear that the majority of people were not interested in listening to Him. Then God revealed to Ezekiel in a vision that He had removed His presence, protection, and blessings from the city. He had walked away in three distinct steps, indicating that at each stop He paused to give the people a chance to reconsider and repent.

ONE, He moved His glory (symbol of His presence) from above the Ark to the entrance of the Temple. (Ezekiel 9:3) 

TWO, He moved from the entrance to one of the gates that led into the larger courtyard of the Temple. (Ezekiel 10:19)

THIRD, He left the city entirely. (Ezekiel 11:23)  

AHEC’s leadership is far from a disinterested party in their conversation with God. Instead, daily they seek His direction and rely on His favor and power. They know that if God ever withdrew His presence and His blessings, AHEC would become just another humanitarian organization. 

Having a listening heart toward God is also a characteristic of our partners in India and Rwanda. Because they love Jesus, these men and their wives have taken orphans into their homes and reached out to other “forgotten” people with the Gospel, in the hope that they will come into a personal love-relationship with God.

Marlon Furtado

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