Orphan of the Month

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Respond to the cry of injustice,
provide help & hope to the orphan & widow.

Kavya is a sweet 9 year old girl, born July 12th 2006. She is from a Hindu family and her native language is Telegu. She is probably attending class 2 in school which is the equivalent of second grade. Her mother Saritha had to seek care for her and her brother after her husband died from AIDS. He had suffered, bedridden, for three years before he died on May 21st, 2014.

Her mother is also deaf and has no education. Because she is also afflicted with HIV she is unable to work and care for Kavya and her brother. She found out about Shepherd’s Fold home and visited the premises twice, appealing for admission. She has no other financial means to feed or care for her children.

Thank you for reading Kavya’s story. Please consider partnering with Shepherds Fold in pooled sponsorship to properly care for Kavya and the others like her!

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