Star Search Gala – 2017

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Our 5th Annual Star Search Gala was held on October 28th of 2017 at the Airport Holiday Inn.

We believe this was our best event so far! Besides being the Apple of His Eye Charity major fund-raiser each year, the event makes it possible for guests to see the kind of work that is supported by AHEC. This year we did that in a big way by developing Mission Information Booths that featured the type of work that we have been involved with and support.

Below we are providing a quick summary of each of these areas as well as a report on the rest of the banquet and what we experienced this year.

To begin our summary of the banquet, we encourage you to watch this quick video overview:


Widow Station

support for widows signage

Entry sign to our Widows Mission Booth

The widow station featured the work that we support to care for the widows in India and Rwanda.

Many widows in India are considered cursed and are therefore mistreated or disowned by their families. With no other options, these desperate women must often leave behind their lives, their children, and their dignity and enter poverty or prostitution.

Apple of His Eye Charity comes alongside these broken women, and not only provides them with monthly food and vitamin support but also equips them to escape their circumstances.


Entrance to the Orphan station.

Orphaned by parents who have died or abandoned them, there is no hope of raising out of poverty for these children. They are left to the streets or garbage dumps or crime to fend for themselves.

Through the love and sacrifice of our pastors in India, boys and girls are brought into their homes to receive love, clothing, food, a family and an education. We have seen some of our sponsored children grow into adults and have found good-paying jobs. Others have gone on to college. They no longer face a future of hopelessness.

Vocational Training

Inside the Vocational Training station.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” The 1994 genocide in Rwanda left a nation without fathers, sons, leaders and learned trades as more than a million people were killed in just 100 days. This is why we are so committed to supporting vocational training to equip a new generation with self-sustaining skills. From carpentry to bricklaying, welding to furniture making, sewing to hair cutting — even culinary training, AHEC’s investment in Rwandese youth is helping bring hope, restore a people and build a better nation.

Medical and Sanitation

Entry sign to the Medical and Sanitation station.

The orphans and widows and others we visit on our mission trips cannot afford to have their eyes checked or visit a medical doctor. Therefore, we provide free medical and vision clinics for the communities surrounding our orphanages.

Sanitation is another problem in these countries. Water is dirty and bathroom facilities are non-existent in many communities. We sink wells to provide fresh water as well as provide rainwater harvesting tanks in some locations. We worked with the national government to secure private and safe bathroom facilities for the homes of an entire community.

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