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Apple of His Eye Charity partners with your generosity to make very significant improvements in the lives of orphans and widows around the world. Join us on a regular basis to extend these practical expressions of God’s love.

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress.” — James 1:27


Our partners in India and Rwanda informed us that “individual” sponsorship presents numerous difficulties. Pooled sponsorship prevents jealousy or hurt feelings.  Individual sponsorship leaves other children and widows feeling unwanted and left out.


This is the biggest project AHEC has undertaken as an organization.  Both of our India partners have struggled with cramped rented spaces or pieced together buildings because of lack of funding.  We hope to change that this year with your help.


Each of our partners in India and Rwanda have started vocational training centers equipping orphans, widows and young adults to succeed in the world. Through these 6-12 month courses, students are taught skills and gain expertise to either start a business or find a job enabling some to provide for their families.


Villages in India and Rwanda now have fresh drinking water because of these simple, inexpensive filters.  They are easy to install and maintain and for only $60 can be set up anywhere providing safe contaminant free drinking water.

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